In 2024 St Hilary's is supporting 19 mission partners across 6 different categories of ministry.
That is a big partnership of ministries that St Hilary's is supporting across the world! 

The Mission and Social Justice Committee (MSJC)

The Mission and Social Justice Committee (MSJC), a subcommittee of the Parish Council, consists of a Parish Council member, a staff representative, and delegates from each of our five congregations. Annually, the MSJC promotes awareness of the endeavours of our mission partners, organises two Mission Sundays, evaluates applications for new mission partners, reviews existing partnerships, and provides recommendations to the Parish Council regarding the allocation of the mission budget for the upcoming year.

The Committee currently includes Tammy Shepherd, Priscilla Mellado, Kirsti Lach, Jonno Tennent, Vincent Lo, Marissa Mills (Chair) and Chrys Chandraraj, alongside Adam Centrangolo.

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