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St Hilary’s is a diverse, multi-generational and multi-ethnic faith community.  Some of our members are life-long Christians, some have worshipped at St Hilary’s for much of their lives and others have only joined recently.  Whoever you are and whatever your story, you’re welcome to join us at any one of our five services across two campuses.

Where will you find us?

St Hilary’s is one Church presently ministering across three campuses in Kew, Mont Albert North and North Balwyn as well as in homes, prayer groups, camp sites and an Op Shop. Each worship centre has ramp access and a kids program.  Sunday services are held at Kew and Mont Albert North.

Kew Campus - 12 John Street, Kew
Mont Albert North Campus - 24 Rostrevor Parade Mont Albert North
North Balwyn Campus - 16 Osburn Avenue North Balwyn

What will we do?

The vibe is relaxed. People are relaxed with each other as well as with God. Leaders will pray to God throughout the service, talking to Him as though He is in the room – because we believe He is. The service will start with music and some prayers. We then have a time where people share news and stories from the week that's been. We then hear a Bible reading and a message about the reading, during which the kids can go to their own special program. After the message, there is a time for reflection and we regularly celebrate the Lord’s Supper (communion). People often choose to kick back after church, just because we have so much fun together, talking, jamming, or taking the opportunity to receive prayer. 

What’s it like?

It's easy to move around in our church, throughout the service. Our Kew campus has a combination of comfy chairs and couches while our Mont Albert North campus has a more traditional pew arrangement.

What’s available for kids and young people?

We strive for excellence in ministries with children, families, youth and young adults in a safe environment. There are Sunday programs for children aged 0 -14.  Our evening service at Kew caters to teenagers and young adults.

Where can I park?
All of our Churches have free unlimited street parking and a carpark.

What do I wear?
St Hilary’s is a pretty casual Church.  So dress as though you were visiting some friends in their home or a café.  There’s no dress code, be comfortable, be yourself!

Where are the toilets?
At each campus there are indoor toilets adjacent to the hall.

How can I get connected?
Make a time to meet a minister.  Join a Connect Group.  Come to a prayer meeting.

You will find details about all these offerings on this website.

Some common scenarios

But I’m not Anglican …

Many of us aren’t.  We love Jesus and want to follow Him faithfully.  You will find people among us who started out Baptist, Catholic, Presbyterian or something else but they found a spiritual home at St Hil's.   Whatever your story, you’re welcome to worship at St Hilary’s.

But I don’t believe everything the Bible says …

You don’t have to believe to belong.  St Hilary’s is a place where it is OK to disagree with what you hear.  When we disagree, we always seek to do so respectfully and sensitively.

 But I used to go to Church and it was bad …

Then St Hilary’s is the place for you. We don’t pretend to be perfect. We make mistakes too, but we don’t make excuses for spiritual, sexual or emotional abuse in the Church, nor do we tolerate it. We are committed to being a fun, relevant and safe place for everyone. 

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